Brainstorm has been featured at screenings, conferences, and events both locally and across the nation. I share my journey along with clips from the film – or the entire film – to help the audience understand epilepsy through a personal lens. Many people with epilepsy have emailed after watching Brainstorm to share their stories. But sadly, they all say they don’t tell anyone aside from family and close friends due to the stigma. 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy; that’s one child in a classroom, one athlete on a sports team, one employee of a small business. CEOs, actors, coaches, musicians, politicians, and even medical professionals – many work and live with epilepsy in silence.

I hope to be a voice for them, and inspire others fighting medical conditions. 

University of Minnesota Neurology Grand Rounds

Shared my perspective on the fear and stigma surrounding seizures, living with the challenges of epilepsy, and the need to educate others about this common, but largely misunderstood, brain disorder.

January 5, 2018 |   Minneapolis

Very brave presenter. Outstanding presentation.

Grand Rounds attendee, University of Minnesota Medical School, Department of Neurology


American Academy of Neurology & American Brain Foundation

Brainstorm screening 
October 3, 2017   |   Minneapolis

         There is so much stigma attached to epilepsy, that even friends who have it, rarely talk about it. But Stacia is talking about it. Her remarks and documentary increased the awareness and empathy levels of all staff who attended our event.

Jane Ransom, Executive Director of the American Brain Foundation


Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona Gala

Keynote speaker at the “Waves of Change” Gala
September 16, 2017   |   Paradise Valley, AZ

         Stacia’s story was inspirational … Everyone was moved to hear Stacia’s account of her battle with seizures and her perseverance to overcome them.

Suzanne D. Matsumori, Executive Director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona

Stacia captivated the audience detailing her journey with epilepsy. Stacia’s speech (actually more of a conversation) was heartfelt, informative, engaging and well-received.

UCB Phoenix

University of Minnesota Medical School

Guest Speaker and BRAINSTORM screening for medical students
December 6, 2016   |   Minneapolis

Stacia’s direct communication with tomorrow’s physicians is among the many contributions she makes to improving care for people with epilepsy and, by extension, other neurological conditions. We recognize the courage and effort required to make this contribution and are indebted to Stacia for her extraordinary commitment. Our students enthusiastically expressed their gratitude and indicated that this was among the most valuable single experiences in their medical education to date. 

University of Minnesota Medical School, Department of Neurology

Upsher-Smith Presentation

Guest Speaker for Upsher-Smith internal staff to share my journey with epilepsy
March 14, 2017   |   Minneapolis

UCB Patient Impact Meeting

Guest Speaker for UCB internal staff to better understand the patient perspective
February 14, 2017   |   Los Angeles

American Epilepsy Society Conference

Guest Speaker for the UCB Catalyst Cafe on understanding the patient perspective
December 3-5, 2016   |   Houston

Twin Cities Public Television Epilepsy Awareness Event

Public screening of BRAINSTORM and Q&A panel with local epileptologists and Stacia
November 17, 2016   |   St. Paul

The film provided powerful insight and an intimate and comprehensive look into the impact epilepsy has upon the family unit, employment, education, and everyday life.

Heidi Fisher, Executive Director of Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota  

Seize the Evening

Guest Speaker for the Epilepsy Advocacy and Employment Group’s fundraising event
September 17, 2016   |   Minneapolis

Stacia’s compelling story helped to make our event a real success.  Those in attendance were fascinated to hear about the devastating effects epilepsy can have on one’s career and how Stacia was able to overcome and deal with the consequences of being unfairly terminated from her job.                        

 John Thompson, Executive Director of Epilepsy Advocacy & Employment Group
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